About GEO

About GEO

Welcome to GEO

Dr TamiAs a service unit, the Global Education Office (GEO) facilitates international linkages, cultural exchange, and the development of international expertise across all sectors of the university. The unit is responsible for international recruitment and admissions, facilitates opportunities to study and work overseas through exchange and education abroad programs, offers immigration and orientation services for international students and scholars who study and work at UNM, and provides intensive English language programs at the intermediate and advanced level.

GEO Mission & Function

The Global Education Office mission is to help prepare UNM students, faculty, and staff to understand and work effectively in a complex and rapidly changing global community.

  • Forging strategic partnerships with academic institutions and government partners around the globe

  • Acting as a liaison for U.S. government agencies, foreign embassies, sponsors and educational foundations that support international education

  • Providing training on cross-cultural competence and campus internationalization

  • Supporting UNM faculty who develop and lead courses abroad

  • Advising and facilitating education abroad for domestic students

  • Recruiting and admitting international students

  • Offering intensive education in English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Providing immigration advice, onboarding support, and campus information and transition services for international students and visiting scholars