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Report your Change of Address

GEO Request Form

If you would like to come in to GEO to report your Change of Address, please fill out the GEO Request Form and bring it to GEO. We are sorry, but this form cannot be submitted online at this time.

Click here to download the GEO Request Form.

Every time you move into a new address, you must contact GEO with the updated information. You can do this in person or via email. To do this in person, please see the GEO Request Form box to the right.

You can also e-mail GEO at geo@unm.edu with the following information-

  1. Passport Last Name
  2. Passport First Name
  3. Your CURRENT Immigration Status
  4. Scholar/Student
  5. Visa Type
  6. New Address

You must also change your address information with the University on line at http://my.unm.edu/. Once you have accessed the website, at the top click on login. To login you will be asked to use your UNM NetID and Password.

Once you have successfully logged in click on UNM Demographic Self-Service (DSS), located on the left side. You will be prompted to Login again using your NetID and Password. Once you log in, click on Demographic Information to update your address (permanent address must be outside the U.S. for International Students.) You can also update other information such as your e-mail address on this site. This site will be widely used in the future.

NOTE: GEO does NOT currently get information from this on-line site, so you must report your address individually to GEO as we are required to notify the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Please remember to notify the Global Education Office AND update the Demographic Self-Service (UNM) when you move!