Health Insurance Information

(For International Students Only)

All international students at UNM must have health insurance. Hospital admission, surgeries and medical care in general are all expensive and without insurance, you are held responsible for the entire cost. On this page, you will find information on health insurance policies and what actions to take when you get sick.

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Non-UNM International Student Health Insurance

The following companies offer different types of health insurance plans for travelers, international students and scholars in the US and for US students studying abroad. UNM requires all students and scholars to carry health insurance. Since information about individual plans changes frequently, please consult these websites and call the company to be sure that you have accurate information about exactly what the plan covers. J students, scholars and dependents are required by US law to have insurance with the following MINIMUM coverage. Check with the company to be sure they meet these requirements:

  1. $100,000 per person per accident or illness
  2. $25,000 for repatriation of remains
  3. $50,000 for medical evacuation
  4. No more than $500 deductible per accident or illness
  5. Coinsurance must not exceed 25% payable by the exchange visitor or sponsor
  6. Policy Rating requirements (ask the company about these requirements): The policy must be underwritten by an insurance corporation with an A.M. Best rating of "A-"or above; a McGraw Hill Financial/Standard & Poor’s Claims-paying Ability rating of “A-“ or above; a Weiss Research, Inc. rating of “B+” or above; a Fitch Ratings, Inc. rating of “A-“ or above; a Moody’s Investor Services rating of “A3” or above.

TFG Global Insurance Solutions

Health Care Global 2000

ISO Student Health Insurance

Healthcare Advantage

The Lewer Agency

Assurant Employee Benefits (Dental)

Collegiate Care

International Insurance Professionals

World Travel Center

Seven Corners

Cultural Insurance Services International

Travelers Insurance

US Health Plans

I Student Insurance

The Harbor Group

Gateway Connexions

Study USA Healthcare

The insurance company chosen must have a company rating of A- or above on one of the following scales: A.M. Best, Insurance Solvency International, Ltd., Standard & Poors Claims-Paying Ability, OR B+ or above from Weiss Research, Inc.