When to Contact GEO?

(For International Scholars Only)

GEO Request Form

This form should be used by current international students and scholars when requesting documents, letters, or signatures from the GEO. Please read all instructions on the form carefully and deliver the completed form with all supporting documents to GEO so that your request can be processed. We are sorry, but this form cannot be submitted on line at this time.

Click here to download the GEO Request Form.

The Global Education Office (GEO) is required to report information about your status, your local address, and other information about your appointment to the U.S. government via the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). For this reason, you MUST contact our office whenever you make changes in your program, your address, ID numbers, name, etc. The consequences for not updating our office on this information could be very severe, so it is extremely important that you consult with us if you make a change or are unsure if the change needs to be reported.

International Advisors are available at GEO to help scholars with any questions you might have. Advisors can speak with you during walk-in advising hours from 1-3 pm, Monday through Friday and Monday and Thursday 10 am to 12 pm during the Fall and Spring semesters (check for hours during holiday breaks and summers). If you need to spend more than 10 minutes with an advisor, you should make an appointment to meet with an advisor outside of these hours. Please note that you must schedule an individual appointment for any off-campus employment authorization. You can make an appointment by coming in to GEO at 2120 Mesa Vista Hall, or by calling 277- 4032 during regular office hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 5 pm ).

Remember! You must allow a minimum of one week for processing of any signatures, new documents or any other form or authorization from our office, so come in to ask questions well in advance of any international travel or start date of any employment!

You are required to contact GEO if:

  1. You change your address, telephone number or name (you must come in or send e-mail within 10 days of making the change).
  2. You decide to stop your appointment at the University before the end date on your DS-2019 form or you want to transfer to another institution.
  3. You want to travel internationally and your DS-2019 has not been signed by an International Advisor within the last six months.
  4. You want permission to engage in occasional lectures or consultations at another location in the U.S. Any significant information changes on your DS-2019 form (such as your subject of research, source of funding, name, citizenship, etc.)
  5. Your DS-2019 will expire in the next 60 days and you would like to extend your appointment- your department must submit extension paperwork at least one month BEFORE the document expires).
  6. You want to bring your husband, wife or children to the U.S.

It is recommended that you contact GEO if:

  1. You want to or need to change to another immigration status (e.g., from J-1 to F-1 student status).
  2. You have questions about traveling outside of the US even for a short visit to Canada or Mexico.
  3. You have questions about applying for a new U.S. visa.
  4. You want to apply for a waiver of the “home residency requirement”.