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Each year, UNM sends and receives approximately 180 international exchange students. As an international exchange student, you may attend UNM for one or two semesters. To be selected as an international exchange student, you must be attending one of UNM's partner universities (Click on the blue interactive map to select your region). If your home university is not on this list, you are not eligible for the international exchange program, but you may be able to apply to come to UNM as a regular degree-seeking student.

You must have the approval of the international exchange coordinator at your home school, and you must meet the program requirements and complete the application process as explained in the application procedures section.

Tuition Payment


According to the exchange student agreement between our universities, you will not pay UNM tuition. However, you may be responsible for course fees, such as an art class or laboratory fees (which are anywhere from US$ 15 to US$ 400 per class). These fees are noted in the course listings schedule.

Registration for Classes


International Exchange students must be registered and complete at least 12 credits (4 classes) each semester in order to remain full-time and maintain legal immigration status. Most UNM courses are 3 credits and the credit values are indicated in the Catalog and Schedule.

  • UNM COURSE NUMBERING SYSTEM: You will need to understand the UNM course numbering system in order to choose your classes. Courses number in the 100's are introductory courses generally taken by first year student. 200-level courses are usually for second year students, 300-level for third year, and 400-level for fourth year. However, these are only guidelines, and students may register for any courses for which they are qualified regardless of their year in school. Courses numbered 500 or 600 are for Graduate Students only(i.e., you must have completed a Bachelor's degree or its equivalent.) You are not allowed to pre-register for these courses. You must wait until you arrive and meet with a graduate advisor before you can take 500 or 600-level course.

  • UNM COURSE CATALOG AND SCHEDULE: Before you try to register, you should examine the course descriptions in the UNM Catalog by visiting You should also review the Schedule of Class for the semester in which you have been admitted at

  • ONLINE REGISTRATION OF CLASSES: Once you have put together the list of courses you want to take, you have to first create a NetID. Go to and follow the directions. To be able to register for classes you will need a student ID number and your temporary Social Security number. These numbers will be provided to you once you have been admitted in the program. You will find the exact directions for registration in your welcome letter you receive after you have been admitted to UNM as an exchange student. Please note that there are some courses for which you cannot register on-line. These include courses for which there are specific pre-requisites (e.g., you cannot register for Calculus until you can prove you have taken Algebra.) Other courses require that you take a placement examination before registering. Some courses require that you talk with the professor and get permission before registering. If a particular class is full, you will not be allowed to register. However, you can sometimes meet with the professor after you arrive and get permission to enter the class. Some specific subject areas are restricted. If you get a message that you cannot register for any particular class for any reason, you can either wait until you arrive at UNM and meet with an advisor or professor or write an e-mail to the instructor or professor to get permission to enter the class. Business Students have to send the list of classes they would like to take, Architecture and Fine Arts have to send the list of classes they would like to take and a portfolio to the advisor. Please refer contact information of advisors to contact them.