Paying for Your Purchases

Debit cards, credit cards and cash are most commonly used for purchases. Bargaining is customary at Garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, when buying from a private individual and for very expensive items such as cars. Otherwise, prices are fixed.



Accepted for most transactions; NEVER send cash through the mail.



Checks are rarely used in stores and in most cases you have to open a store account to use a check.



This means using your ATM card to pay for purchases and is allowed in supermarkets and some other businesses. You will need to enter your 4-digit PIN in order to pay. Do not let anyone see your PIN and do not keep your PIN written down anywhere near your card.

Debit Card


Must have money in your account for the purchase. Money will usually be withdrawn in one or two days.

Credit Card


Charges will be on your next monthly bill.