Global Certificate Programs

Global certificate programs are international education programs. Designed to be 14 or 30 days in length and based on the interests and needs of institutions, organizations, professionals or other international collaborators, the programs provide a high-quality and high-impact experiential learning experience for participants. The University of New Mexico provides a certificate of completion for its program participants. 


Global certificate programs are ideal for individuals at any stage of their education or career looking to enhance or update their knowledge in their respective fields of study, while simultaneously learning essential skills needed for success in today's world. The programs accelerate individual competencies at any level across a full-spectrum of highly competitive focus areas including transformative leadership, business and economic development, engineering, science, and research acceleration, architecture, and field-specific English-language acquisition.

The University of New Mexico has an established reputation as a top 200 university in the world, with high-levels of research activity and influence across multiple disciplines.

Academic, Research & Career Development

These programs are designed based on the needs of organizations or institutions around the globe. These programs focus on the enhancement of specific academic, research, or career development skills and are offered at different times throughout the year. 

The Innovation Academy of Women of the Americas

imgThe Academy supports the advancement of underrepresented/minority women in the Americas – including indigenous women – in the innovation fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Architecture (STEM+A). Through accelerated research skills development, leadership enhancement, and on-going mentorship and support the program aims to increase the number of women in leadership positions within the STEM+A disciplines. This program is the first-in-the-world and was initially sponsored by the 100,000 Strong in the Americas initiative. UNM has partnered with Universidad La Salle, Ciudad de México and Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán on this important initiative.

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Mexicanos sobresalen en 'Fuerza de los 100 mil para las Américas'

The Institute for Community Identity and Leadership


The Institute is dedicated to the strengthening of identity and leadership of people in indigenous communities around the world. It focuses on community engagement of individuals in order to provide local citizens the opportunity to participate in activities leading to community leadership. By providing workshops that focus on developing skills in communications, place, identity, and representation, participants become experts in establishing themselves as leaders in their communities for their people. This Program is offered in either Spanish or English.

Introduction to Digital Media and/or Screenwriting


UNM is home to “Hollywood in the Desert” in the U.S.A., featuring an Interdisciplinary Film & Digital Media program with state-of-the-art facilities, technology, and award winning faculty with experience in production and screenwriting. UNM is also #5 in the U.S.A. for its photography program. Participants are exposed to cutting-edge practices and work with faculty to enhance their skills in one of these specific areas of digital media, screenwriting, or photography.

Capacity Per Program

  • Minimum enrollment: 15 participants

  • Maximum enrollment: 30 participants

Approximate Costs Per Participant

Costs per participant are dependent upon the program design and customization. The figures below represent the average cost per participant in U.S. dollars.

Program costs include:

  1. housing and 2 daily meals

  2. Medical Insurance

  3. Transportation in the city

  4. Access to the University of New Mexico’s facilities

  5. Curricular content

  6. the issuance of documents needed to obtain a student visa

  7. Professional visits and excursions

  8. Cultural excursions

  9. Certificate of Completion

Roundtrip travel to The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A. is not included in the program cost.

  • One month program: $3,500 USD per participant

  • Two week program: $1,750 USD per participant

Language Requirements

  • Global certificate programs are taught in English unless otherwise specified.

  • For programs in English the TOEFL score for these programs ranges between 400 and 520, depending on the program requirements and design.

Preferred Timeframes

Program planning and design takes approximately 6 months with programs typically hosted during the following months:

  • Fall semester: October and November

  • Spring semester: February and April

  • Summer semester: June and July

Get Started Now & Design Your Program

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Global Certificate Programs