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UNM Student Health Insurance

<p> Below is the cost and coverage for UNM student insurance. For more information on insurance requirements for UNM international students, please click here.

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International StudentsFall
**8/01/16 - 1/15/17
Spring / Summer
**1/16/17 - 7/31/17
**6/5/17 - 7/31/17
Student Only$924$924$308
Spouse / Domestic Partner$924$924$308
Each Child$924$924$308
**Graduate Assistant, Medical Health Professional and International Students

***UNM Student Insurance PlanUNM Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) NetworkUNM Health NetworkBCBSNM PPO Network
Plan Year MaximumUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Deductible per Individual$0$250$250
Deductible per FamilyNot Available$500$500
Out-of-Pocket Maximum Individual
(Includes Deductible, Coinsurance,
and Copays)
Out-of-Pocket Maximum Family
(Includes Deductible)
Inpatient Hospital ExpensesNot Available20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance
Outpatient Hospital ExpensesNot Available20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance
X-ray and Lab20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance
Primary Care Office Visit$5 Copay$15 Copay$25 Copay
Specialist Office Visit$10 Copay$25 Copay$35 Copay
Emergency ServicesNot Available20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance
Urgent Care VisitNot Available$15 Copay$25 Copay
Urgent Care ExpensesNot Available20% Coinsurance20% Coinsurance
Preventative Care ServicesNo CopayNo CopayNo Copay

Prescription Drugs

Generic$10 Copay$20 Copay$20 Copay
Preferred Brand$20 Copay$40 Copay$40 Copay
Non-Preferred Brand$30 Copay$60 Copay$60 Copay
Specialty$100 Copay$100 Copay$100 Copay
***Pre-existing condition exclusions: NONE
***Lifetime Maximum: Unlimited
***Plan Year Maximum: Unlimited </p>