Arriving at UNM

Arriving at UNM


1. UNM Student Activities (SAC)

img1UNM student groups will sometimes provide airport pick-up and/or temporary home-stays for new students. You can contact students from your home country through one of the country/culture group representatives on the UNM Student Activities (SAC) website at to see if this service is being offered by a group from your country. Please reference to see if there is a group from your country and take note of the contact information.

2. International Students, Inc. (ISI): Non-UNM Local Community Christian Organization

A non-UNM, community Christian volunteer organization called ISI, International Students, Inc., offers free airport pick-up and a temporary home-stay with a local family not to exceed 3 days.

ISI is a Christian Organization, but there is no obligation to participate in any religious activities*. If you are interested in airport pick-up or the home-stay opportunity offered by ISI please contact them at: ISIABQ@isionline.orgISI Airport pick-up and home-stays for international students usually begin two weeks before the classes start. You must contact ISI at least two weeks in advance of your arrival for the best chance of getting a home-stay placement.

You can also choose to stay in a local hotel until you can move into the permanent housing. Be sure to ask if they have a UNM student discount.

NOTE: Please report to GEO if you feel any pressure from ISI volunteers to participate in religious activities.



You can find all the information about housing options by visiting the UNM Residence Life and Student Housing Webpage here: or contacting your hall coordinator directly (See below). Exchange students should be mindful of the length of their program before signing any housing contracts or leases. Clarify before signing that those of you who will only be here for one semester will be able to leave the contract after 6 months. You mey need to find a person who can re-let your contract for the second semester or pay the fees for breaking the contract.

You should think carefully about the kind of housing experience you want. There are advantages and disadvantages to living on campus or off campus that you should consider carefully before you decide. Please read the housing brochure for more information. Regardless of the permanent housing option you choose, you need to be prepared to pay for temporary housing when you first arrive (early move-in for on-campus residents, hotel, etc.)

To view UNM campus housing options, visit and sign up as soon as possible to have the best chance at getting your first choice after you are officially accepted.

You need to introduce yourself with 1) First and Last Name, 2) UNM Net ID (after accepted as exchange students), 3) Your student status at UNM (i.e. I am an exchange student who will be staying at UNM only in Fall/Spring 20XX.), 4) Semester enroll, and 5) Housing option you applied or are interested to apply. 
You can also contact students from your home country or department about a temporary home-stay.

On-campus housing rates and payments information: 

Moving-in date and more FAQ:




If you will not live in UNM campus housing, OR you will arrive before the designated move-in date, you will have to find temporary housing off campus by yourself such (try AirBnB or local hotels). After reviewing process of your application is completed, the GEO will send you a Welcome Letter with the housing handout list of local hotels where you can stay before campus housing opens or before you find permanent housing. Make sure to ask if the hotel has a UNM student discount.

The ISI (see above) also offers transportation and resources to international students who are trying to find off-campus housing.