International Education Week: November 15-19, 2021

International Education Week (IEW) is celebrated across the U.S. the week of November 15 - 19, 2021. At the University of New Mexico, IEW is coordinated by the Global Education Office.

This year we are featuring on-campus events originating at UNM and featuring partner events from other universities and international organizations.

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Calendar of Events

Monday, November 15

Virtual World Tour (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour around the world! Our journey will take you to the the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, Petra, Angkor, Venice, the Acropolis, Pompeii and more… all without leaving your home! Join anytime during the week, pick your destination and enjoy your trip!


Virtual Tours:

Archaeological Institute of America Virtual Tours

Archaeology Travel Virtual Tours


60 Degree Virtual Tours: 

East Meets West – Work Culture in Singapore (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Learn all things Singaporean culture and how they function in working and social environments, the most common culture shocks and how to adapt to them, what are the top industries for internships in Singapore and what students interning in Singapore say about the most global green city!

  • How can you be a successful intern in Singapore?
  • How to interview and network in this country?
  • Q&A

Featuring Visual Studio, a marketing and advertising agency who represents companies such as HBO, Samsung, PwC, Singapore General Hospital and more.


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Tuesday, November 16

Study Abroad Fair (UNM Event, In-Person at SUB Atrium) -

Join us in the SUB Atrium to explore study abroad opportunities, scholarships and funding, and learn about global cultures. Meet with representatives from host schools to ask questions and learn more about studying at their school or talk with UNM groups leaders about opportunites for short term faculty led programs.

Swedish Fika at its Best – Work Culture in Sweden (Partner Event, Virtual) -

What do you know about the most prolific tech hub in Europe? Join us to listen to both students who interned in the Swedish capital and employers based in the city: Swedish working culture, top industries in Stockholm, culture shocks and best practices to succeed as an intern. How to apply? How to interview for a startup in Stockholm? How to network with supervisors and colleagues? Stay up until the end for the Q&A!

Featuring Ion Game Design, a Swedish board game developer, publisher, & board game consultant agency.


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Youth Voices: Insights from Virtual Exchange Participants (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Tuesday November 16th from 9AM - 10AM MST

While virtual exchange practitioners are experts in creating impactful programs, youth participants have a valuable perspective drawn from their virtual exchange experience that should be considered. Hear from three young people about their virtual exchange and what they think all education and exchange leaders should know when designing and implementing a program. They’ll reflect on their experience and provide tips, including how to communicate with young people about the value of participating in virtual exchange.

More information and sign up here

Forecasting Volcanic Eruptions in Latin America (UNM Event, Virtual) -

Tobias Fischer currently works in Bolivia on Uturunku Volcano. This volcano is particularly interesting because it has been deforming massively in recent decades but has not erupted. Tobias and his team are working with an international group from other US Universities, the UK, and Bolivia. Tobias also works closely with a former Ph.D. student who is on the science staff at a volcano observatory in Costa Rica. Latin America has a very large number of active volcanoes and many population centers close to these volcanoes. Volcanic hazards are not theoretical there but an everyday reality.

Tobias Fischer is a volcanologist and geochemist who researches fluids discharging from active volcanoes and hydrothermal systems. He and his students also measure diffuse degassing in tectonically active areas such as the East African Rift. Current field areas include volcanoes in Central and South America and the East African Rift (Tanzania). Tobias obtained his Ph.D. in 1999 from Arizona State University. He had a post-doc position at Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory working on noble gases in geothermal systems. He joined UNM in 2000 as an Assistant Professor and is currently Professor and Director of the Volatiles Laboratory in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences where his team uses mass spectrometry and gas chromatography to analyze volatiles.


For more information and to register for this event, please visit the LAII website.

We Are International Education: A Conversation with IIE’s Office of the CEO (Partner Event, Virtual) -

As IIE embarks on its second century of leading international education worldwide, the Office of the CEO will continue to drive IIE’s mission in innovating and responding to the global needs of students, scholars, and the wider higher education community. Join us during International Education Week as we sit down with Allan Goodman, CEO; Sarah Ilchman, co-President; Jason Czyz, co-President; and Courtney Temple, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer to hear their priorities for the organization, vision for the international education field, and what “We Are International Education” means to them.


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Wednesday, November 17

Flamenco Performance & Information Session (UNM Event, In-Person) -

Flamenco Performance & Information Session

  • 12:00pm to 1:00pm 
  • Located outside the SUB facing Mesa Vista Hall
  • Performance by UNM's flamenco students 
  • Speaker: Eva Encinias-Sandoval 

Casual & Liveable – Work Culture in Spain (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Is Spain as casual as people say? Does siesta really exist? What’s an average working time in Barcelona or Madrid? If you’re interested in the Spanish work life balance and the most popular culture shocks of students interning in Spain, this talk is for you!

  • Top industries in Barcelona and Madrid
  • Basic how-to when interviewing, meeting new colleagues and networking in Spain
  • Q&A

Featuring Medicsen, a start-up medical device company for the smart treatment of diabetes and other chronic diseases.


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Study Abroad Fair (UNM Event, Virtual) -

Join us virtually to explore study abroad opportunities, scholarships and funding, and learn about global cultures. Meet with representatives from host schools to ask questions and learn more about studying at their school or talk with UNM groups leaders about opportunites for short term faculty led programs.

Screening "Sonita" + Q&A Discussion (Partner Event, Virtual) -

California university Monterey will screen the award-winning documentary, Sonita, followed by Q and A by the director, Roxareh Ghaemghami. Film synopsis: After her family attempts to sell her into marriage, Sonita, a young Afghan refugee in Iran, channels her frustrations and seizes her destiny through music. After the film streaming, Sundance film festival winner, Ms. Gahemaghami, will attend the event virtually to answer the audiences' questions.


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Thursday, November 18

N.E.D. Talks (Nationalities Exchanging Dialogue) (UNM Event, Virtual) -

Modeled after the famous T.E.D. Talks, our N.E.D. Talks (Nationalities Exchanging Dialogue) will feature a few speakers who will discuss various issues from around the world:

The Green Hell I call home: a few portrayals of the Amazon from the XXth century into contemporaneity - Luisa Geisler - Phd Student, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
PhD Student Luisa Geisler from Brazil will discuss portrayals and stereotypes of the Amazon and how Amazonians are taking back the narrative surrounding their home

Musings from Malaysia: Embracing Cultural Diversity- Grace Wong - Postdoc in forensic Radiology and Pathology
Post-doctoral researcher Grace Wong from Malaysia will share insights and recollections of the challenge and beauty of growing up in a multiethnic and multi-cultural society

Learn about the Real Kazakhstan- Aidana Bauyrzhan
Aidana Bauyrzhan a Fulbright student in Nuclear Engineering from Kazakhstan will highlight her culture and country

A Nigerian Student's Experience with Adjusting to Life in the US and ABQ- Tomide Oloruntobi - PhD in Communications
PHD student Tomide Oloruntobi talks about his own experience adjusting to life in the US.

Differences in the Educational Systems in Russia and USA - Iurii Frantsuz - Visiting Fulbright Scholar in Sociology
Fulbright Scholar in Sociology from Russia will present on Cronyism and Meritocratic norms and how they affect academics in Russia and the US

Bilingual Development in Multicultural Contexts - Mariana Marchesi - PhD in Linguistics
PhD student Mariana Marchesi from Argentina will explore bilingualism in New Mexico and how language use predicts linguistic development.  Included will be a brief overview of conceptions of bilingualism and the applicability that research can have in curriculum development.

This meeting will be held on Zoom from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, November 18th.

After Work Nomikai – Work Culture in Japan (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Ready for one of the most different working cultures compared to the West? Learn surprising things about Japanese work culture, how to adapt smoothly as an international intern, what are the top industries in Tokyo and what the interview process is like with an Asian employer. Come ready to fire your questions at the end!

Featuring Communion, a boutique PR & Communications agency who represents companies such as Cartier, New Balance, La Maison du Chocolat, JM Weston and more.


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From Sacred Songs To Reggaeton (UNM Event, Virtual) -

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Over the last decade, I’ve been exploring old traditional songs from different cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. This research has opened my eyes in a fundamental way: I realized that there has always been a need for humans to seek the expansion of one’s own limits. In the sense of enlarging the experience of what we usually perceive as “myself”.

Following the impact of these old rhythms in my body, and personal needs to explore new horizons today I am involved in the creation of reggaeton music.

How did I get here?

Over the last decade I’ve been exploring old traditional songs from different cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean and West Africa. This research has opened my eyes in a fundamental way: I realized that there has always been a need for humans to seek the expansion of one’s own limits. In the sense of enlarging the experience of what we usually perceive as “myself”.
Following the impact of these old rhythms in Following the impact of these old rhythms in my body, and personal needs to explore new horizons today I am involved in the creation of reggaeton music. How did I get here?

Alejandro Tomás Rodriguez is an Argentinean actor, theatre director, teacher, singer and song writer. His field of expertise includes devised theatre; community engagement; voice; movement; diverse styles and techniques within contemporary performance practice. He is the lead vocalist and songwriter of Engine, a Latin-alternative-cumbia-rock band based in Paris.

University and Community Partnership Strategies for Supporting Refugees and Displaced Persons (Partner Event, Virtual) -

Recent global crises have diversified populations of refugees and displaced persons. As many will find resettlement in the United States, universities are often well positioned to offer various forms of support. This can be achieved through leveraging community partnerships, campus services, and university expertise to ensure student success. This webinar will explore strategies employed by Indiana University and Wake Forest University in coalescing networks of support and community engagement. Resources and tactics will be explored, and audience interaction is welcomed.


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Friday, November 19

Virtual Study Abroad 101 (UNM Event, Virtual) -

If you are interested in Study Abroad, our Abroad 101 information is a great place to start! It provides general information that you need to know about study abroad and the application process and deadlines.

11th Annual Murphy Lecture (UNM Event, In-Person and Virtual) -

A lecture by Dr. Park Williams, UCLA Department of Geography. Williams is a geographer who studies the impacts of climate change on the water cylcle and wildfire frequency.
By evaluating records of wildfire occurrence and size in the western US from 1984 through 2020 (during which time annual burned area increased 300%) patterns point to a tenfold increase in forest fire area, that fire size increase rather than frequency affects burn area, and that fires ignited by lighting represent the highest growth in forest fire size.
Continued work is needed to better understand the interacting effects of fuels and climate on western US wildfire in order to inform our expectations of future wildfire trends and decisions about how to better manage fire, fuels, and other related natural resources such as water.
Virtual and In-Person
Science and Math Learning Center Room 102

International Feast of Friends (UNM Event, In-Person) -

GPSA and GEO invite you to an International Feast of Friends! We will be enjoying food, cultural games, and global friends!
Please RSVP by November 17.


November 19, 2021
6 PM - 10 PM
STAMM Commons Room and CEC Courtyard (Centennial Engineering Center)


Worlds Forever Changed: The Vázquez de Coronado Expedition to the Rio Grande Valley, 1540-1542 (UNM Event, Virtual) -


Dr. Matthew Schmader will present his talk Worlds Forever Changed: TheVázquez de Coronado Expedition to the Rio Grande Valley, 1540-1542 on Friday, November 19 at 2 pm as part of the 2021 Fall Anthropology Colloquia Speaker Series.  You can access the talk here You can obtain the passcode by emailing Dr. Ian Wallace at


Dr. Matt Schmader has been conducting research on the archaeology of central New Mexico for 42 years, studying sites of every major cultural time period from PaleoIndian and Archaic to the Early Ancestral Pueblo, later ancestral Rio Grande Pueblos and petroglyphs, and historic Albuquerque. He is retired superintendent of the City's Open Space Division and former Albuquerque City Archaeologist. He is a UNM Anthropology alum (1994 PhD) and is presently adjunct associate professor of archaeology at the Department of Anthropology. 
His current research is on the Contact period, focusing on the first tumultuous encounters between local Pueblo people and the huge Vázquez de Coronado expedition of 1540-1542. His talk will include results from recently completed work under a grant from the American Battlefield Protection Program


Hosted by the UNM Department of Anthropology, the Alfonso Ortiz Center for Intercultural Studies, and the Latin American and Iberian Institute (LAII) the Department Colloquia Speaker Series will continue this semester.  Talks from this years series are available on our You Tube for your viewing.


Other Resources

La Posada Featured Food (UNM Event, In-Person)

Enjoy foods from aroudn the world, from the comfort of La Posada. A new item will be featured during lunch Monday through Thursday of International Education Week.

Monday - Thailand

Tuesday - Hungary

Wednesday - Brazil

Thursday - Egypt

International Cooking Videos (UNM Resource, Virtual)

Showcase your taste and spirit of home! We are so excited to see your unique cooking videos and share with us in the IEW 2021. Let’s get cooking!

Things needed:

  • Create a 2-8 minute video that showcases the dishes of your home country/region or traditional family meals that reminds you home.
  • To volunteer, complete the IEW Volunteer Signup Form and send the name and the country of the meal you would like to share.
  • Write a recipe* with ingredients and amounts, step-by-step directions, equipment, temperature and baking/cooking time.
  • Film yourself preparing and cooking your recipe.
  • Submit your recipe and video to Global Education Office.

*Your recipe does not have to be original; please submit reference of original recipe if any.

Albuquerque Refugee & Asylee Donation Drive (UNM Event, In-Person)

  • We will be collecting appropriate donations at all IEW event locations 
  • List of accepted items
  • All donations will be provided to organizations in the UNM area (ex. Lutheran Family Services)


US State Department International Programs (Partner Resource, Virtual)