International Education Week: November 16-20, 2020

International Education Week (IEW) is celebrated across the U.S. the week of November 16 - 20, 2020. At the University of New Mexico, IEW is coordinated by the Global Education Office.

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Calendar of Events

Monday, November 16

Virtual World Tour -

Join us as we take you on a virtual tour around the world! Our journey will take you to the the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, Petra, Angkor, Venice, the Acropolis, Pompeii and more… all without leaving your home! Join anytime during the week, pick your destination and enjoy your trip!  

Virtual Tours: 
360 Degree Virtual Tours: 

Tuesday, November 17

Global Fair: Study Abroad Opportunities and Cultural Exchange -

Join us virtually to explore study abroad opportunities, scholarships and funding, and learn about global cultures. Meet with representatives from host schools to ask questions and learn more about studying at their school or talk with UNM groups leaders about opportunites for short term faculty led programs. 

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International Opportunities after Graduation -

You are invited to hear from three speakers about the many international opportunities after graduation, both graduate and undergraduate students are welcome. View the flyer here.


Laura Gritz, US Department of State

Maria Goodfellow, Peace Corps

Kiyoko Simmons, US Fulbright Program

International Careers 101 Workshop -

CURIOUS ABOUT AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER? Learn about opportunities and strategies for your international job search in this workshop. This workshop will cover UNM resources and international career paths, including the Foreign Service, governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), interpretation, USAID, global health, and international business.

SHALOM BOND, CAREER DEVELOPMENT FACILITATOR SENIOR, is a licensed mental health counselor with over 5 years' experience supporting the career development of UNM students and alumni.

MARIA GOODFELLOW, PEACE CORPS DIVERSITY RECRUITER, is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who spreads the word about the opportunities available with Peace Corps across all of New Mexico and West Texas. 

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Wednesday, November 18

Noon time music -

Join us as we listen to the musical works of Engine, followed by a live interview with the band. The event will take place on Zoom with a live stream to Facebook, follow @UNMglobal for more information! 

 Join on Zoom: or watch on Facebook Live! 

Two guitars. A harmonica. Three voices in harmony.
Afro-Latin rhythms, blue notes, rock attitude, and flamenco spirit, fused together in theatrically charged performances that invite audience members to surrender to their inner joy.
Songs ancient and original, poetry provocative and profound, in Spanish, English, and French—ironic and sensitive reflections that disrupt complacency.
Eclectic staging and unexpected choreography that liberate the body and the spirit.
With telepathic complicity, this imaginative Franco-Argentine trio channels the mysterious energies of melody, rhythm, motion, and words to transcend the everyday, penetrate the heart, and open the possibility of ecstatic communion.

Listen to them with the below links:

1. Si viene la muerte - (Live Session)

2. Jinete - (Live in Santa Fe)

3. Tambalea – (Live in Paris)

Game: Virtual Pictionary -

Join us as we play a fun virtual pictionary international themed game . We will have prizes for the winners and lots of giveaways throughout the game.

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GIS Day -

Participate in the international celebration of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology. GIS is a scientific framework for gathering, analyzing, and visualizing geographic data to help us make better decisions. On GIS Day, help others learn about geography and the real-world applications of GIS that are making a difference in our society. It's a chance for you to share your accomplishments and inspire others to discover and use GIS.

Learn more about GIS Day here! 

Thursday, November 19

N.E.D. Talks (Nationalities Exchanging Dialogue) -

Modeled after the famous T.E.D. Talks, our N.E.D. Talks (Nationalities Exchanging Dialogue) will feature different speakers who will discuss various issues from around the world over zoom. More information and a list of speakers to come.

Join on Zoom: 


NED Talks Agenda 

12pm-12:05: Intro/start 

12:05-12:15: Shuprio Ghosh - Research associated to the Lobo Lead Loop at UNM

12:15-12:30: Carlos Enrique Ibarra -The Sociolinguistics of Indigenous Immigration and Multilingualism: The Mixtecos and Other Native Mexican Peoples in Rural Northwestern Oregon

12:30-12:50: Dr. Ian Stewart -TBA

12:55-1:10: Ankit Shah -Give Life Back

1:15-1:30:  Tosin Olofinsao -Aquifers and water treatment costs

1:35-1:50: Carlo Aragon -Yes, I am American: The responsibilities and opportunities to serve as a citizen Diplomat while studying abroad

1:50-2:00: Sofia Whitaker -How a study abroad experience helped to improve personal growth

Game: Trivia Night -

Join us as we have a fun trivia night. We will be playing Kahoot with an international theme. We will have prizes for the winners and lots of giveaways throughout the game.

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Distinguished Feminist Research Lecture -

Research on LGBTQ and cisgender heterosexual women’s asylum claims illuminates the inherent weakness of gender-based protections for all women. Cisgender males who identify as and/or are perceived as homosexual face fewer obstacles to gaining asylum on account of sexuality-based violence than cisgender or transgender women. Our ability to protect lesbians and transgender women requires us to argue that their persecution is not on account of their gender or gender-identity, but instead is due to perpetrators' perception of their sexual orientation. View flyer here.

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Friday, November 20

Study Abroad 101 -

If you are interested in Study Abroad, our Abroad 101 information is a great place to start! 

It provides general information that you need to know about study abroad:  

  • Types of programs offered
  • Financing study abroad, including scholarships and financial aid
  • Housing options
  • Transferring credits back to UNM
  • The application process and deadlines

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Africa Night -

Join us for Africa Night hosted by the African Student Association. There will be food, fashion, games, and a raffle. For $10 you can purchase a meal from The Taste of the Caribbean, order your meal by Nov.18th via  Join us on Zoom at 5pm to enjoy the many activities planned, and don't forget to pick up your food ahead of time to enjoy during the virtual event! 

Join on Zoom: 3600812858  

For more information view the flyer here

Saturday, November 21

International Movie Night! -

Join us on Amazon Prime Movie for a watch party streaming of 3 Idiots. A 2009 Indian Hindi-language coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, and also co-written by him with Abhijat Joshi. 

*Please note this movie is 3 hours long and you must have an amazon prime account to join the watch party. Students are eligible to sign up for a free 6-month account. 

Join at 6:00pm here: 

Other Resources

Graduation Cord

If you are you graduating in Fall 2020 and are an international or study abroad student, show off your international education experience at graduation with a special cord just for this achievement. Visit to schedule a pick up appointment or use this LinkPlease bring your Lobo ID to the Global Education Office front desk on your designated appointment day and time. Availible starting Monday, November 16th through December 3rd. 

Cooking and Beverage Demonstrations

Visit our social media pages every day to learn about and how to make some great international dishes and beverages!

Cultural Performances

Visit our social media pages every day to learn about and watch some great cultural performances!

NAFSA Events and Resources Supporting International Education Week

Expand perspectives, foster dialogue, and build recognition and support of international education with NAFSA programs and resources during International Education Week. NAFSA will offer several online and in-person community events that you can share with campus program staff. Topics include campus internationalization, conflict resolution and social justice, research, and the economic impact of international students in your local area.

Click here for a list of events and times!

USAC IEW Events and Activities

All week long, USAC will be hosting a variety of events for students and alumni to participate in to learn more about international education, share stories, and promote a global education.

For inspiration on planning your international education experience, check out these student stories.

Stay inspired to pursue a study abroad! Please join us for the following USAC events for International Education Week 2020: Click here to see more