Steps To Complete

Complete the graduate admission application and upload complete transcripts (marksheets) and degree certificates, if attained, from all post-secondary institutions attended as well as the required program-specific materials.

All applicants must pay a non-refundable application fee of $70.00 in U.S. currency. The fee must be paid by credit card with the on-line application.

Application fees cannot be waived nor transferred to future expenses or enrollment.

Applications will not be reviewed until the fee is received.

TOEFL: Your TOEFL score can be sent directly to UNM by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The TOEFL code for UNM is 4845. To receive information about the TOEFL, contact ETS directly.

IELTS: You may send a copy of your TRF.  Your results will be verified online. For information about this test and registration procedures, contact IELTS.

Pearson Test of English- Academic:  Please send a results statement.  Your results will be verified online.  For information about this test, please contact PTE.

Cambridge: For information, please contact Cambridge directly.

Other proof: additional means of providing proof of English are described in the "Application Requirements" section. Please submit all documents that support these types of proof.

TOEFL test scores must be submitted by ETS directly to UNM. Copies of IELTS and PTE  results submitted by the student will not be accepted without verifying with the testing agency.

All international applicants are required to submit official transcripts and degree certificates or diplomas before immigration documents can be issued.

Transcripts: Transcripts and degree certificates or diplomas from all post-secondary must be submitted to UNM. If not issued in English, the documents must be accompanied by official, certified English translations.  Transcripts must be either:

  • Official or attested documents-  Transcripts and degree certificates or diplomas issued by the degree-granting institution and must have original stamp(s), seal(s), and signature(s) of the issuing university's designated official(s).  In some cases, the Ministry of Education of the country in which the university is located may attest these documents.

  • Transcripts and degree certificates or diplomas evaluated by an official credentialing agency - An official evaluation report must be sent directly from the NACES-member agency to UNM.  If the evaluation does not include photocopies of the documents evaluated, the applicant must send a photocopy of the original transcript and degree certificate or diploma and an official English translation directly to UNM.

Photocopies of academic credentials that have been certified by a recognized international educational organization that will also be your program sponsor –- such as the U.S. Educational Foundation, AMIDEAST or the Institute for International Education will also be accepted.

How to get official copies? You can take copies of your original documents (in the original language and an English translation) to the degree-issuing institution or the Ministry of Education of the government and ask for a stamp(s), signature(s), or seal(s) from the designated official of that institution.

English translations: If your official transcripts cannot be issued or certified by the school in English, the original language transcripts must be accompanied by a certified (not notarized) English translation. Transcripts must be translated word-for-word by an official translation service. For students who are in New Mexico, a translation certified by a UNM faculty or staff member fluent in the original language can be used.

Not allowed:Notarized copies (those stamped by an outside agency/notary and not the degree-issuing institution), faxed copies, photocopies, or scanned copies.

Final Transcripts: If you are currently studying you will need to request that final transcripts and degree completion proof be sent directly from your current school to UNM once you have completed studies. Students who are admitted to UNM prior to completion of their final semester will need to present these final transcripts and degree confirmation before they can register for the second semester at UNM.

Transcript Returns: Transcripts and other academic records submitted to the University of New Mexico for admission purposes become the property of the University of New Mexico and will not be returned to the applicant.

All international applicants are required to submit documentation verifying adequate funding to meet all study and living expenses while in the United States before immigration documents can be issued. Financial support includes a completed Certification of Financial Responsibility Form and proof of immediately accessible funds for the first year of study.