Mental Health

              No matter how well you prepare for at rip abroad, adjusting to a new culture can be both an exciting and challenging experience. The intial adjustment period can be overwhelsing at times. You may experience some moments when it seems impossible to make sense of your environment, when you cannot predict the cations of others, or when your own habitual actions seemt ot produce an unanticipated response in others.  Don't worry. These feelings are part of the natural process of cultural adjustment and will soon pass.
              Whether you fully recognize these feelings or not, all international students are encouraged to seek the support they need from UNM's student Health & Counselling
The following short video introduces the concepts of mental health for international students in the US. Covering mental health awareness and warning signs, dispelling myths, and showing ways to seek treatment, the video seeks to demystify a complex topic.  



UNM SHAC Counseling Services

Counseling Services are available to all enrolled UNM Main Campus students to help them function successfully in their academic lives. When students are challenged by excessive stress or difficult personal problems, psychological and/or psychiatric support may be helpful or necessary. If you have any questions, reach out to SHAC TAO Admin: 505-277-1277

To access SHAC Counseling Services, please see Counseling Appointments.

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

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This tool is used to meet our Lobos skill development and educational needs in well-being and behavioral health. It can be used to provide self-help on issues like mindfulness, communication, problem solving, and much more! Interested in building resilience with in yourself? Need a little stress management guidance? Then look no further, Lobos. We are here to help!
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