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How to Get to Campus

NOTE: Students should plan to come to campus and check-in with GEO as soon as they arrive in Albuquerque.


Taxis and Uber from the airport to UNM and to hotels near campus are relatively inexpensive (less than $20). 

Bus #50 goes from the airport to campus in 10 minutes.  Ask the driver to let you off at UNM (the intersection of Yale and Central Avenue).
Websites like can help you with public transportation in Albuquerque. 

Students moving into campus housing will need to get to the SRC Commons Building (Building #89 on the UNM campus map, enclosed; this map is also on the UNM website at If you are moving in to campus housing, make sure you arrive during move-in hours (check or email

Airport Pick-Up and Temporary Housing


UNM student groups will sometimes provide airport pick-up and/or temporary home-stays for new students. You can contact students from your home country through one of the country/culture group representatives on the UNM Student Activities website at to see if this service is being offered by a group from your country. This website is taken down in June and July, so please reference it now to see if there is a group from your country and take note of the contact information.

Offered by ISI (Local Community Christian Organization – NOT UNM)

A non-UNM, community Christian volunteer organization called ISI (International Students, Inc.) offers free airport pick-up and a temporary home-stay with a local family not to exceed 3 days.  ISI is a Christian organization, but there is no obligation to participate in any religious activities.  If you are interested in airport pick-up or the home-stay opportunity offered by ISI please contact them at: You must contact ISI at least one week in advance of your arrival for the best chance of getting a home-stay placement.  Please report to GEO if you feel any pressure from ISI volunteers to participate in religious activities.

You can also choose to stay in a local hotel until you can move into permanent housing.  Be sure to ask if they have a UNM student discount.

Contacting Students from your Country


There are many country/culture groups at UNM. Recognized student groups are represented on the UNM Student Activities website at:

Unfortunately, this website is taken down near the beginning of the summer and then re-posted in August when organizations are re-chartered for the new academic year. Groups from previous years are listed below. You can try contacting these groups to reach students from your country before you arrive to find out more about UNM and students from your country/culture/religion on campus. However, please be aware that some student groups are not actively reading email during the summer months.

If your country is not represented here and you want to contact other students from your country, please email: and we can ask your fellow countrymen if they can contact you.

Registration for classes/Tuition/Fee payments


All degree-seeking international students have a registration hold until they check-in with the Global Education Office.  Students may have holds from other departments as well.  Once you have checked in we will lift the GEO hold.  All holds must be lifted to register for classes.