On-Campus Parking

  • If you purchase a car, be aware that parking on campus is difficult and parking permits are costly to buy.

  • If you decide to drive to campus, parking permits can be obtained online if available here.

  • The permits are based on availability and can be purchased as early as July 23rd for the upcoming school year.

  • Permits range from between $175 to $400 annually for students. Most parking spaces are in lots on the far northern or far southern side of campus.

  • Free shuttle buses run regularly to transport students from the parking lots to the center of campus.

Off-Campus Parking

  • Pay lot, meter and on-street free parking can all be found within a reasonable distance from campus. Check signs for prices and restrictions.

  • Many streets around campus require a city parking permit to park for more than an hour or two.

  • City permits can be acquired only with proof of residence at a given location and are free.

  • Ask your landlord if a parking permit is needed/available for your neighborhood.