Bus/ABQ Ride


UNM Parking and Transportation Services has a new one-stop information center in the SUB. This one-stop center can provide students with information on:

  • One-on-One Trip Planning Guidance

  • ABQ Ride Free Bus Pass Program

  • Bus Routes and Times

  • Zipcar

  • Railrunner Information

  • Bicycling Information

  • Other types of alternative transportation

New Mexico Rail runner Express


This is a new transit system that travels from Santa Fe (north of Albuquerque) to Belen (south of Albuquerque). For more information, please visit the New Mexico Railrunner website.

More Information


  • For major areas of interest accessible by the ABQ Ride system, please visit the Areas of Interest page on our website.
  • Schedules and bus stops can also be found here.
  • UNM students may ride the city buses for FREE if they obtain a 'sticker' on their Lobo ID card showing their current UNM enrollment.  Stickers may be obtained in the information center on the bottom floor of the SUB.
  • Scholars paid by UNM (or enrolled in 3 credit hours+) are eligible to get a free pass (sticker) to ride the Albuquerque city bus. Take your Lobo Card to one of the PATS offices to get the sticker.
  • If you are at UNM, will not be paid, and plan to be here for more than 3 months, your department can request an exception for you to get a bus pass. To do so, the department needs to send an official email to stating that you have a purpose on campus that meets the University's need and that you will be here for a minimum of 3 months and would like the pass. If granted the exception, you will take the printed response to one of the parking offices to receive the pass.
  • If you are not eligible for the free service, but wish to ride the bus: you may want to purchase weekly or monthly ABQ Ride passes.
  • A monthly bus pass can also be purchased at various locations. Transfers can be used when changing buses or for return trips only during designated hour blocks (usually there is a morning block and then an evening block). Ask your bus driver for a transfer when you get on the bus and make sure to ask when it expires!
  • If you are here with family, they may want to purchase a weekly or monthly ABQ Ride pass.
  • Without a pass, bus fares can be paid directly on the bus, but exact change is always required.
  • Rapid Ride: Service for daily commuters; has fewer stops and wireless on the bus; buses are double in length
  • Plan Your Ride: Route your trip ahead of time online.
  • To get a free download of the ABQ RIDE App for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android phone, go here and click on “Transit Mobile Apps” on the front page.

UNM Shuttle Service


Free Shuttles from various UNM Parking Lots to UNM campus. Make sure to check shuttle routes before boarding! A detailed map is available at  Parking and Transportation Services.

Campus Security Escort


The UNM Police department offers escort services to anyone needing an escort from an on-campus location to another on-campus location 24 hours, 7 days a week. They will not escort you anywhere off-campus. Call 505-277-2241 for more information.



ALWAYS lock your bike when you are not riding; a properly attached U-Lock is the only lock that works.

  • Register your bike with UNM Police so that it can be returned if stolen on campus and found. Register here.

  • A bike map of Albuquerque is available at

  • Bikes can be carried on all Albuquerque public buses; when the bus stops, place your bike on the front bike rack and then board the bus. Be sure to watch your bike while on the bus so someone else does not take it when getting off the bus!



You have to call in advance and will likely have to wait if you don't have prior reservations. Popular cab companies are:

  • Yellow Cab: 505.247.8888

  • Albuquerque Cab Company: 505.883.4888

Private Transport


Uber is an inexpensive way to get around town by riding with a private car owner.  With the mobile Uber app, riders can be connected with drivers who will pick them up and take them to their destination on demand.  Both reservations and payment can be done through cell phone.  For more information or to download the Uber app, please visit

Car Rental

  • For longer term car rental (such as to take a trip), there are several car rental companies to choose from that can be found online.  To shop prices and availability for the dates you wish to rent a car, visit:

Owning a Car

  • For advice and information on buying a new or used car, visit

  • When purchasing a used car always thoroughly investigate the condition of the car (ask to take it to a mechanic for a check-up) and bargain for the best price.

  • Parking and traffic tickets are issued frequently by the City of Albuquerque parking enforcement or police department. If you get a ticket, you must pay it promptly in order to avoid increased fines, vehicle confiscations and even jail time. The city will find you, so PAY YOUR TICKETS!

  • Car insurance is mandatory in New Mexico. While only liability insurance is required, it is a good idea to consider buying additional insurance coverage for cars of greater value. There are many choices for car insurance, so you should shop around for the best price. Do your research online or call the agents for a free price quote for your car. The amount you are willing to spend will affect your car coverage and deductible.

  • It is illegal to talk on cell phones while driving in Albuquerque & Santa Fe, unless you have your phone connected to an ear-piece.


  • Healthy and convenient!

  • Try to walk with a friend or in a group at night (do not walk alone late at night – especially down alleys).

  • Use UNM Security Escort (505-277-2241) on campus at night if walking alone.