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Places to Shop

Buy at discount stores, second-hand stores or garage/yard sales


Discount stores like Kmart, Target and Walmart sell household goods and clothes cheaply. Second-hand and thrift stores also sell used goods at low prices. Garage/yard sales are sales at private homes of used clothing, furniture, books, toys, etc. Yard Sales usually happen on weekend mornings in residential neighborhoods.  Albuquerque also hosts a flea market (open air market with some used items) on the weekends at the NM State Fair grounds at the corner of Louisiana and Central Avenues.

Buy during sales and use coupons


Sales are advertised and coupons are provided in newspapers or are delivered to your mailbox. Many sales occur around holidays when people have time to shop.

Buy off-season


Think ahead and buy your clothes for next year at the end of the previous season. In other words, winter clothes are cheapest during holiday sales at the beginning of March. Summer clothes are cheapest at the end of July or early August.

Buy generic brands


Most stores offer a brand name item and a cheaper "generic" or store-brand equivalent (e.g., Tylenol vs generic acetaminophen). The generic items are often the same as the brand-name item for much less.

Don't buy at convenience stores


Convenience stores whether on or off-campus sell mostly junk food and basic necessity items at inflated prices. If you want to save money, try to avoid convenience stores.

Check listserves and Internet options


International students and scholars who are leaving Albuquerque often post items for sale on the GEO listserve. You may also want to check Craigslist or other Internet sites for larger items such as cars.