International Amigo Scholarship

International Amigo Scholarship

The International Amigo Scholarship entitles awarded international students to a waiver of the non-resident portion of tuition.  Students must meet renewal requirements each semester.


Master or PhD applicants must have:

  • A previous university minimum grade point average of 3.0
  • Nomination of the graduate program to which the applicant is applying
  • Admission to a full-time, in-person graduate degree program (Online only programs are not eligible.)
  • Non-immigrant visa status (Preference is given to student visa holders- F1, J1)
  • No UNM research, teaching, or project assistantship
  • No previous attendance at UNM in the current application degree level.

Nomination Process

All graduate students will be considered for the scholarship upon admission to a UNM graduate program and nomination by the graduate department. Scholarships will be awarded with a nomination priority deadline of February 28th for the fall admission semester and September 30th for the spring admission semester.  Additionally, scholarships will be awarded in a departmentally-representative fashion.  Once the nomination priority deadline passes, scholarships will then be awarded with no department receiving more than 10 total Amigo offers.  Graduate departments are encouraged to submit nominations early as scholarships are limited in number.

Academic departments will nominate applicants via the International Admission decision form.The Office of International Admissions will screen the nominations for eligibility (international student, admitted).

The Office of International Admissions will notify awarded applicants through a time-sensitive email.  Awarded applicants will be notified to submit the scholarship acceptance form, needed financial documentation, and official transcripts and degree certificates.

The awardee will receive a specified deadline to accept the award and submit all required documents.  Late submissions will not be accepted. If an applicant accepts an assistantship, graduate units should notify the Office of International Admissions.

Renewal Eligibility

  • The scholarship may be renewed for up to two years for master degree students and four years for doctoral degree students.
  • Students must complete 9 graduate level credit hours each semester and obtain a minimum 3.0 GPA each semester.  As a graduate level scholarship, students are expected to enroll in graduate level course work for the duration of the scholarship. 
  • Courses with grades of W, WP, WF, WNC, NC, I Audit, and NR will not be counted toward the total completed semester hours. 
  • Students who fail to meet the requirements will lose the scholarship.
  • Additionally, students who accept an assistantship during their graduate study at UNM will forfeit the International Amigo Scholarship.