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Graduate Assistantship Scholarship

An assistantship is a type of financial and work opportunity available to graduate students. There are 4 types of assistantships at UNM: Teaching, Research, Graduate and Project assistantships. Assistantships pay an hourly or monthly stipend or wage to the student. Students receiving assistantships may teach, help grade class assignments, do research or do other academic work. If you hold an assistantship for more than half of the semester the award also covers health insurance and if the assistantship is at least 10 hours per week, it entitles the student to pay in-state tuition. Some assistantships also pay all or some of the tuition and fees for the student.

Most assistantships are offered by a student's own academic department (check with your department first.) However, a student can look for an assistantship in another department if he/she qualifies. Some assistantship and graduate job announcements are posted on the Office of Graduate studies (OGS) website. OGS assists with paperwork and information that students will need when getting an Assistantship on campus.