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Important Tips

  1. TAXES/ PAYROLL: If you received payment from the university during your time in US, contact the payroll office to give them your new address before you leave so they can send you the appropriate tax documents at the end of the calendar year. Remember that even if you leave the country before tax reporting time (April 15), you are still required to complete US tax forms for your time in the US. You can look on the Internal Revenue Service website at, contact GEO, or go to a US consulate abroad to obtain these forms. If you are a non-resident for tax purposes, the forms you complete may include: form 8843 and either form 1040NREZ or 1040NR if you earned money.

  2. REGISTRAR's OFFICE: Please provide the Registrar's Office with a post-graduation address. You may do this on-line at Login using your UNM email net ID, enter LoboWeb, click on Personal Information and log in to enter your Demographic Information.

  3. ALUMNI RELATIONS: Give Alumni Relations your new address. You may do this on-line at Alumni Relations can also inform you about alumni groups that exist in your home region so that you can stay in touch with the University of New Mexico Community.

    Please contact an advisor in GEO if you have any questions about these procedures.