Course Registration

Course Registration


International Exchange students must be registered and complete at least U.S. 12 credit hours* each semester in order to remain full-time and maintain legal immigration status. 

*Most UNM courses are 3 credits and the credit values are indicated here; Online UNM Catalog and Schedule of ClassesPlease find the semester start and end dates here. Remember, you will need to arrive about one week early in order to check-in, find housing, and attend orientation. 


Registration for Fall 2020 does not open until the end of April 2020.  Exchange students may be prevented from enrolling for some classes due to pre-requisites or the fact that they are not UNM degree students. You may need to contact advisors in specific departments to get “overrides” for the courses you need.  If you need information on who to contact, please email


The online schedule lists all the courses, days and times that classes will be taught.  You can see the “Schedule of Classes” at Click on “LoboWeb Course catalog” to find courses that will be offered.   

Make sure that none of the classes you want to take conflict with any other of your courses. 
Business students find available courses here:

You will need to understand the UNM course numbering system in order to choose your classes. 

Course numbers in the:

  • 100’s are introductory courses generally taken by first-year undergraduate students  

  • 200-level courses are usually for second-year students

  • 300-level for third year

  • 400-level for fourth year 

  • 500 and 600- level for Graduate Level

How to search your courses by course title:
Open online course schedule. Find the p
ulldown “Actions”>> select ”Filter”>> set Column as ”Title”, Operator as “contains”, and type any keywords in Expression to search your courses such as Spanish, finance, design, yoga, etc.


  1. Courses numbered 500 or 600 are for graduate students only (i.e., you must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.) You are not allowed to pre-register for graduate courses if you are not admitted as a graduate student.  
  2. These are only guidelines, and students may register for any courses for which they are qualified regardless of their year in school, with the proper preparations and permissions, which may include notifying the professor or department and asking for special permission to register.
  3. Courses Restricted: PHARMACY, MEDICAL SCIENCE, and NURSING are NOT allowed to take. NUTRITION, LAW and ARCHITECTURE are restricted.


After you obtain the official welcome letter, you will need to set up a UNM Net ID in order to register for classes, view your student information, and pay your bills with UNM.  To do so, you will need your student ID# in addition to the University-issued temporary Social Security Number (if you do not have the permanent SSN yet). Student ID# and temporary SSN are printed on your Welcome Letter

To set up the NetID you will:

  • Go to the link:
  • Click on “I am new, I need a new NetID”
  • Read and complete the user agreement, fill in your name,  and click “I agree”
  • Follow set-up instructions using your real or temporary SSN (e.g. 000XXXXXX)  *Temporary SSN is stated on your welcome letter.
  • Make sure to pick a Net ID that you like and that is appropriate for school and work.  The system will suggest one to you.  You can change it now, but you will NOT be able to change it later!

When you have your NetID and the list of courses you want to take, go to

Here you can log in with the NetID and password you just created.

NOTE: It may take at least 48 hours that your UNM Net ID is activated. If you cannot log-in after creating the Net ID, please wait at least 48 hours.


Please check for registration dates for your courses hereNote that your date is the last listed because as an exchange student you are considered as a transfer student but please try to register as soon as possible when your date comes up. You can register about three months before the semester starts. Before you try to register, you should examine the course descriptions in the online UNM Catalog.

To register for classes, you must do the following:

1. Visit the registration website:

2. Click “Login”

3. Enter your Net ID and password 

4. Click on “Student Life” tab

5. Click on “LoboWeb”

6. Click on “Registration & Records”

7. Click on “Registration (Add/Drop), Course Search, Check for Holds”

8. Enter "Registration Portal" at the bottom of Registration at UNM page

9. Click on "Registration for My Classes"

10. Select the term you will be here at UNM and "Continue"

11. Read the student consent and Click on “ACCEPT Financial Responsibility”

12. Click on “Class Search”

13. Pull down or enter the "Subject" and enter "Course Number", click the "Search" courses

14. If you go to advanced search, you can search for courses by their Meeting Days, Start/End Time, Keywords, etc. *You can also enter by Course Reference Numbers (CRN) numbers if you have.

15. Click "Add” to register for the course

16. Repeat this process until you have register for the courses you need


18. You may add or drop courses at any time before or after your arrival at UNM using this system.


  • Undergraduate International Exchange students must be registered and complete at least 12 credit hours (4 classes) each semester in order to remain full-time and maintain legal immigration status. The classes you take are completely up to you, but talk to your home-advisor before you register to make sure that they accept your course credits. 

  • Graduate International Exchange students must be registered and complete at least 9 graduate credit hours (3 classes) each semester in order to remain full-time and maintain legal immigration status. If a graduate student takes less than 9 graduate credit hours, the student will have to take 12 credit hours: mixed undergraduate and graduate credit hours.

  • Courses Restricted for Exchange Students: PHARMACY, MEDICAL SCIENCE, and NURSING are not allowed to take. NUTRITION, LAW, and ARCHITECTURE are restricted.

  • Most UNM courses are 3 credits and the credit values are indicated in the Online UNM Catalog and Schedule of Classes. You may register for a maximum of 18 credits, but we strongly recommend that you take no more than 15 credits your first semester.

  • Students who want to register for English 101 or 102 and get a registration error, please email your UNM international advisor with a copy of your TOFEL score and your UNM ID number. He/she can help you to register for the English classes. See Course Registration Errors and Restrictions for other errors.  

  • Students need to have done the pre-requisites at basic-level for entry to the upper-level courses (i.e. 200-400 level courses for undergraduate). If there are the particular courses that you are interested in, you can reach out to the Department Academic Advisors directly, either via email or in person, before the semester starts. Please use the links below to search your academic advisors. Academic Advisors may request you to submit a transcript from your university to confirm if you have already taken the basic level courses at home university. Please explain that you are "an exchange, non-degree student" and only has a limited timeframe to take courses at UNM.

  • FInd all UNM departments:
  • Find department academic advisors by name: