Fee Payment

Fee Payment

NOTE: You will not have a bill from UNM until you have registered for classes. You can pay Course Fees, UNM Visa Processing and Administration Fee (non-government fee), and housing/meal plans (if any) through myUNM after you arrive at UNM. The only thing you have to pay BEFORE arriving in the U.S. is your International Student Insurance.

1. Course Fees by Department (Non-Tuition)
According to the exchange student agreement between your institutions and UNM, your UNM tuition will be exempt. However, you will be responsible for course fees from each department, such as Anderson School of Management, Fine Arts, or any department with laboratory (which are anywhere from US$ 25 to US$ 400 per class). The amount of each course fee will depend on the courses you register. Not all classes have special fees. If you would like to review the exact fees, please access to the Online Course Schedule for your semester and find the "Course Fees".

To understand Mandatory Student Fees, please visit here.The deadline of course fees can be found at the "Semester Deadline" tab on Registrar's Office website.

NOTE: If you are nominated as a "Guest (Fee-Paying)" student or a "Bridge Program (Intensive English Courses + Part-time UNM Academic Courses)" student by your institution, please contact us by email in advance. You have different fees/payment procedures from the Full-time Exchange student.

2. UNM Visa Processing and Administration Fee/Exchange Student Fee
There will be a $275 visa processing and administration fee assessed per semester during your stay at UNM.

NOTE: All international students must also pay a mandatory SEVIS fee, which is a U.S. Government fee, NOT a university fee. Please find the Visa Requirement information from here.

3. International Student Insurance
See the "Health Insurance" tab and here.

4. Other Mandatory Fees
Please refer to the latest information for mandatory fees at https://bursar.unm.edu/tuition-and-fees/tuition-fee-information.html

NOTE: After Fall 2020, "Mandatory IT Fee ($50)" is assessed to all students including exchange students. 

5. How to Pay Your Bill
You will NOT receive a bill on your myUNM until you have registered for classes. The bill can be accessed by logging in to my.unm.edu with your Net ID (See STEP 2: Creating a UNM "Net ID"). Bills paid by credit card will incur an additional 3% fee. For international payment, you can use wire transfer without expensive transaction fees using your UNM ID number through a global payment platform "flywire" at: https://www.flywire.com/pay/unm

Remember that the amount you pay depends on course fees for the courses you are taking and your UNM on-campus housing charges. There would be also the UNM health insurance charge if you do not receive a waiver of the UNM Student Health Insurance Plan. Please check the Semester Deadline Dates and submit your payment online or to the Bursar’s office by the correct deadline to avoid late feesTranscripts will not be issued if any financial obligations are due to the University policy.

If an outside sponsor will pay your bill, you will need to send a copy of your financial sponsorship letter to:thirdparty@unm.edu so that the bill can be sent to your sponsor, even if this information has already been sent to UNM.  For more information regarding payment, please contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar.unm.edu.