1. When can I start registering my courses?
You are allowed to register courses ONLY AFTER your Course Registration Date. Please see here: http://registrar.unm.edu/Registration/. All new exchange students should follow the "Eligibility Requirement" of 0-14 credits because the students have not earned any UNM credits in the past.


2. What should I do if I receive a registration error when I attempt to enroll in courses online? What does it mean?
When you get a message that you cannot register for any particular class because it is "full," please try to get yourself on the waiting list and check your UNM email regularly. Office of the Registrar may send you an email if a spot opens in the class. The system will give you 48 hours to register for the class to fill the spot open.

Please see here: https://registrar.unm.edu/Registration/registration-add-error.html for the proper action to take. 

3. Is there any course restriction?
Yes, some specific subject areas are restricted to students in a particular major. Please see the information on Course RegistrationYou are NOT allowed to take courses from the school of Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Also, you are restricted to take courses from the School of Law (graduate only), School of Architecture and Planning, and Nutrition & Dietetics program in the Department of Individual, Family and Community EducationIf you are planning to take courses in Law, Architecture, and Nutrition, please contact Study Abroad Assistant at GEO (See "Contact Us") during the application period. 

GEO/UNM cannot guarantee that students will get into all of the classes they request even we issued the acceptance letter as an exchange student. It is essential that you 
have some flexibility for the courses that interest you and for which you may get credit from your home university after completing the exchange program. 

For the courses in the Department of Architecture or Fine Arts, you may be requested to submit following materials; your portfolio, the list of Architecture software you are familiar with, the list of classes you want to take, and UNM ID. 

For all other classes, the best advice is that you go online and try to register as soon as possible after your class registration date (see below).

4. How can I request a "prerequisite override" for entry to the upper-level courses?
It is best to contact the instructor or department advisor in advance by e-mail to get permission to enter the class. Please search online the name of department at www.unm.eduAcademic Advisors may request you to submit a letter or transcript from your university to confirm if you have already taken the basic level courses at home university. Please explain that you are an exchange student and only has a limited timeframe to take courses at UNM.

Also, students are allowed to Add/Drop their courses online without any charges during the first two weeks of classes. If you cannot register a class you want before starting the semester, you may speak to the Academic Advisors/course instructors in person about the possibility of adding the course to your schedule as soon as possible. Many exchange students get into the classes they need during the Add/Drop period. 

However, course schedule and modules are subject to change, and the registration in all desired courses is not guaranteed. If you have problems registering for the courses or do not know the contact of your department academic advisors, please email the Study Abroad Assistant at GEO (See "Contact Us").

5. I have issues (forgot password, cannot log-in, etc) with my Net ID. What should I do?
Please access to the website here for Net ID-related FAQs: http://it.unm.edu/accounts/faq.html. If you cannot find answers, you will have to either call UNM IT at 505-277-5757 or create a help ticket. The instruction to create the help ticket is as below: