Health Insurance

Health Insurance


For the most up to date Health Insurance information, please read through the "Insurance Requirements for UNM International Students" HERE. You MUST choose one of the 4 plans from the International Student Insurance website. 

Every exchange student must buy one of the plans from the website above – no exceptions. Please remember that this is a REQUIREMENT by the U.S.. federal regulations. Even if you have insurance from your home country or provided by your university, you MUST purchase one of these U.S.. and UNM-approved plans.

NOTE: If you have health insurance from home, insurance policy will only pay after the UNM policy pays. Please contact your own health insurance company from home (if any) to ask questions about the coverage and how to file claims.  

All four plans on the website meet the minimum requirements for J-1 Exchange Students, and you can choose the plan that is best for you. Make sure to read through the plan descriptions carefully to find out what the insurance does and does NOT cover!  Remember that all of the plans on this site have a waiting period of at least 6 months before they will cover you for pre-existing conditions (sicknesses for which you have already been treated). You should bring with you to the United States any prescription medications that you already know you will need.

Buy your insurance policy before you come to the U.S.. and make sure that it starts for the day that you will arrive in the country. For example, if your program will end in Spring 2022, you must buy insurance that ends AFTER May 15, 2022 or the date you leave the US (whichever is later).

For international exchange/guest students with J-1 visa, your permission to stay ends within 30 days of completion of the last requirement. If you are not sure if you will stay for one or two semesters, buy the policy until the semester end date (see the link below) and then extend your policy once you know you will stay. All J1 visa holders need to have insurance that meets the specific requirements, and this International Student Insurance policy above is being implemented to ensure compliance with U.S.. federal requirements.

Please also check UNM Ten Year Semester Dates to check the semester start/end dates. The semester end dates include the final exam period.

Dental and vision care are not covered by medical insurance in the U.S.., so it is recommended that you take care of any vision or dental needs before you come to UNM.  More information about insurance and health care will be provided during orientation.  You can also visit the UNM Student Health and Counseling Center website for current information about health care services for students.

NOTE: During the mandatory check-in session upon your arrival, you must present a proof of ISI insurance coverage for a semester or longer. If not, UNM will place a hold on your UNM account, and you will be unable to register for classes, modify your class schedule, or have credit transfer back to your home institution until you show appropriate proof of coverage !!!!