Jobs & Scholarships

For international students, tuition and students fees can be high. We understand that it can be challenging to pay for school without any help. Below you will find job information, and scholarship and grant opportunities for study, research or conference travel. It is important to stay informed about all of the options that are offered on campus.

Graduate Assistantships

An assistantship is a type of work opportunity available to graduate students. There are 4 types of assistantships at UNM: Teaching, research, graduate and Project assistantships. Assistantships pay an hourly or monthly salary to the student for teaching, grading, research or other academic work. If you hold an assistantship for more than half of the semester it also pays for health insurance and if the assistantship is at least 10 hours per week, it entitles the student to pay in-state tuition. Some assistantships also pay all of the tuition and fees for the student.

Most assistantships are offered by a student’s own academic department (check with your department first.) However, a student can look for assistantships in another department if he/she qualifies. Some assistantship and graduate job announcements are posted on the Office of Graduate studies (OGS) website. OGS assists with paperwork and information that students will need when getting an Assistantship on campus (not student employment jobs, see above)

Career Services

Career services helps UNM students with job search, internship and career issues both during and after their UNM studies. Services include: career advisement, resume writing assistance, interview practice, Cooperative Education, career fairs, on-campus recruiting, job listings and other career-related services. Register with career services’ lobo career connection as soon as you begin studies at UNM to find out about all of these opportunities.

On campus Employment Procedures

International students in legal F and J student status can work on campus as a part of their student status, but they have to follow procedures to work legally. To be taxed correctly, off campus work or work that is not for UNM is limited and has to be authorized in advance by an international advisor (for work information and procedures see link, above). All students without a real US social security number or SSN (not a 999#) will need to apply for one once they are offered a job.

To apply for an SSN, your campus employer will need to complete the top part of the UNM Employment Verification form (on the “On Campus Employment Procedures” handout) and an advisor in the international office will need to sign the bottom before you apply for the SSN (you have to apply at the Social Security administration office off campus and you can ONLY apply after you have been in the US for 10 days and have reported your local address to the international office). International students in J-1 immigration status must report all new employers to the international office before beginning employment so the information can be entered in SEVIS (the government system.)

UNM Student Jobs

Student jobs (except graduate assistantships) are posted on this website. Students can sort for jobs by type, department, salary, etc. Students should use the search feature at the bottom of this page to search for the correct “Appointment Type.” International students can apply for jobs with an “Appointment Type of “Student Employment (SE)” or an “Appointment Type” of “W/S or SE” but not for an “Appointment Type” of “Work Study (W/S)” (run separate searches for each of these types to find out all available jobs). You will need to complete paperwork and provide other information to the office of student employment when you get a student job on campus (not assistantships, see below).

Amigo Scholarship

The Amigo Scholarship is a merit scholarship that allows international students to pay UNM tuition at the in-state rate. The scholarship was created by the New Mexico State legislature as a recruitment scholarship and is therefore only available to students beginning study in a new degree level at UNM. The scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate Students. For consideration you must apply before beginning studies at UNM. You must continue to meet all amigo requirements each semester in order to keep the scholarship. For requirements, contact the scholarship office.

Graduate Funding Opportunities


Undergraduate funding opportunities at UNM are more limited than those for graduates. Undergraduates can check the Scholarship office for information. A few other resources are: