Tax Obligations & Information

Tax Obligations & Information

Tax information for year 2020 will be posted in February.

WHAT: Mandatory International Student Tax Requirements
WHO: All International Students and Dependents
WHEN: Tax Forms for Year 2018 are due by April 15, 2019

All international students and scholars (and their dependents) must complete at least one tax form for each calendar year in which they are present in the U.S., even if they have no income from a U.S. source. GEO makes available the necessary forms and instruction booklets as well as certain tax services to help students comply with these regulations beginning in mid-February of each year (tax forms must be sent by the student to the U.S. government by April of each year).

GEO also organizes a volunteer assistance program and informational tax workshops. However, the staff of GEO cannot provide tax advice outside of the volunteer program. The tax filing process will be relatively simple for students and scholars who had NO U.S. income source. However, the tax filing process will be complex for those individuals with U.S. income. These individuals will need to plan on spending many hours and even days trying to complete the necessary tax forms. Therefore, we advise everyone to start completing the forms well in advance of the tax deadline.

Please click the links below and read the Tax Messages and Presentations.